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  1. Report to the treatment area at the assigned time. No special preparation is necessary . You may eat and drink normally.

  2. The treatment technician will examine the site, which is to be treated. It is very important that you indicate the exact point where you are having the most pain

  3. After determining the exact point of pain, the technician will apply a gel to the skin. The gel will transmit the shock wave.

  4. The tech will place the SONOCUR treatment head on the point of maximum pain or tenderness and adjust the shock wave penetration or depth.

  5. Shock wave application will begin at a very low energy level. The tech will move the treatment head to be sure that the shock waves are being given to the point of maximum tenderness. You should not move the body part being treated once the treatment head has been adjusted optimally.

  6. The energy level may be slowly increased to a level necessary to adequately treat your condition. Energy levels and penetration depths vary depending on the treatment site and the thickness of the tissues overlying the tendons.

  7. Usually, a single session takes about 10-15 minutes. During treatment, you will feel a mild stinging sensation in the treated area. If the stinging sensation becomes too uncomfortable, tell the technician and the energy level may be adjusted.

  8. After treatment, the technician will remove the transmission gel and you will be discharged to return to normal activities. You will be scheduled for your next treatment

  9. Some aching discomfort may be present after treatment for a short period of time.

  10. After the treatment has been completed, you will be to drive yourself home.


Treatment is usually given over three sessions. These will be every other day in some cases. In others, treatment will be administered once weekly for three weeks.

Many patients will notice that their condition markedly improves after only one treatment. Others may not improve until after several days after their last treatment. In all cases, it is important to complete all the treatments ordered.

Most patients will notice reddened skin at the treatment site. Some will have a few small pinpoint bleeding sites or bruises on the skin. These should resolve with a few days after the final treatment.

The complete post-treatment document is now available. Review the procedures within the Adobe .pdf after your Sonorex Treatment is completed.

The Sonocur® Orthopedic Extracorporeal Shockwave system is available in Canada and other countries where regulatory approval has been obtained. The Sonocur® Basic is FDA approved in the United States for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

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